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The 10 Day Challenge is an integrated performance-driven, life changing system that begins working within the first 10 days. You will not find another systematic approach that clearly and rapidly gives you proven results.


Throughout the 10-day challenge, you will come across new concepts, and with steady quickness you will implement them into your daily life. With each passing day, you will become more knowledgeable and confident of your position in life. You will then possess the tools to take your life to that next remarkable level. Most people only dream of making changes to their lives that offer the personal clarity and satisfaction that The 10-Day Challenge has to offer. Throughout The 10 Day Challenge, you will receive new concepts designed to be quickly implemented into your daily life. With each passing day, you will become more knowledgable and confident of your position in life. You will begin to possess insight and tools to achieve your goals.

By investing in The 10 Day Challenge, and using the information provided, you will have made a timely investment in your life and your upcoming life successes.


The 10 Day Challenge Reveals How To Move Past

...Even if you feel there is no escape


Are you tired of toxic relationships and want to learn how to FINALLY move past them? This will be the most important book you'll ever read. 


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But first...

Chances are, you may have never thought about whether or not your relationship is toxic!


If that is the case, let me share with you some insights of what a toxic relationship can look like based on my experience:

1. It feels extremely one sided.
2. You find yourself constantly explaining yourself.
3. You avoid speaking your truth because you will be questioned.
4. The elephant in the room is never addressed.
5. All compromise comes from you.
6. You seem to always be in the wrong.
7. Gas-lighting is the manipulation tactic used.

8. You're made to question your reality and the way things took place.
9. Physical, emotional, mental, and/or verbal abuse.
10. Narcissistic abuse is present in the relationship.

These are just a few examples listed above, there are many more signs that are indicative of a toxic relationship.



Why I Wrote The 10 Day Challenge...

Why should I buy the book?

  • ​​​If you want to create personal greatness, you must take inventory of the negative energy suckers in your life. 

  • Negative influence no matter if it's media or a "friend" will bring down your energy, will take from your strength, and ultimately aid to manifest fear that negatively drives you to question the world around you and your own abilities. 

  • ​Negativity is contagious, being aware of the negative energy suckers you spend time with is extremely important. Limiting your exposure to these individuals is mandatory for your health and wellbeing.

  • The proof is in the success of letting go of what no longer and never served you. Letting go of what undermines you and letting go of what puts fear within you will change your life forever. Once you get rid of negativity and fear in your life, you're able to excel at a level you never thought possible. 

  • Learn to Identify negative energy suckers in your life. Once identified, learn how to positively deal with them in relation to YOUR new set of boundaries. Begin to realize you're not here to save them. Let go of the ego... take care of yourself, your energy, your passion, and your direction. Identify what you're watching or listening to and letting go of all media that harms you. 


"The book is very practical and it points out lot of facts that we overlook in our daily life. The book would also help people for self realization and overcome bad habits, very straight forward and real. I liked it and found it helpful."


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5 Stars

"I found this book on my own; it's practical, timely, and honest. The 10-Day Challenge is both a quick and smart read that has encouraged me to live life to the fullest, and to realize that I too deserve to be happy."


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"Great book! Sound and practical advice and tips for better living."


~Keith B.~
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5 Stars

"A simple thought provoking book that gives specific and practical solutions to life’s challenges. On day one of the challenge you are jolted into a vortex of amazing possibilities and by day ten you can move mountains. This book is a must read for all self-help gurus. This is by far a top ten must read book of the year."


~Barry C.~
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"I recommend The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life to anyone who wants to make real significant change in his or her life and not take a lifetime doing it.​"


~Michael L.~
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"I read Live Your True Life and I just finished The 10-Day Challenge and the Challenge rocks. Live Your True Life was good but Berges' newest book is smart, eloquent, and jammed packed with knowledge and helpful hints to making life easier and more rewarding. Recommend the challenge to anyone who wants to level up!"


~Gin J.~
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5 Stars


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The 10 Day Challenge is a blueprint for creating your independence, finding true personal respect, letting go of fear and what no longer serves your highest good. The end result of taking the challenge and walking the journey is finding unconditional self love independent from any outside relationship.

The 10 Day Challenge to Live Your True Life Master Class provides the tools and information to deep dive into the concepts of the book. Each session focuses on one chapter of the book and averages 55-minutes each.  This master class takes these concepts to the next level for personal intergration.




Feel free to purchase the book and the masterclass! I encourage you to do so because I understand the power it will provide you in your life as it has developed within my own life and the lives of my clients. 

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