Scheduling and Payment

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Immersion Coaching

A More Personal and In-Depth Form of Coaching

Immersion Coaching

In-person Travel to Dallas Texas

(This requires you to fly to Dallas and I can help with hotel arrangements.)

REQUIRED: To schedule a consultation in order to determine feasibility of schedule. 





Three day private coaching workshop with Ashley. We begin with your current life situation, work through pertinent issues, and then go backwards to understand patterns and cycles. Then we walk through those patterns and cycles and understand how they began, and we enter into the negative broken and self-sabotaging behavior and completely pull back all layers to expose all that is in your way of success. At the end of our time together, you will feel as though you have gone through one solid year or more of therapy, you will see who you are honestly and positively, and you will have the tools to create a beautiful life filled with personal unconditional self love.


A Consultation is scheduled and performed in order to determine feasibility of our time together. An Immersion Coaching Session last 3 days total and will depend on your schedule as well as mine. Keep in mind the following:


(1) The Consultation is paid upfront through our online scheduling platform. If, after we speak, it is determined that this is not the right program for you or that our schedule does not match, there is a non-refundable consultation. 


(2) If, after we speak, it is determined that this is the right program for you and we can determine a time, the cost of the consultation will be applied to the cost of the Immersion Coaching. We do have payment options available upon request and under certain circumstances. 

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