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THE 10 DAY CHALLENGE to live your true life is the mental, emotional, and should boot camp that will transform your life. Provided the complete knowledge you need to implement these life skills and change your life to one you have always dreamed of. These ten days are intense, eye opening and provide you with a complete life awakening. You deserve happiness, love, and success and this book, and its teachings, is the direct way to achieving all your life goals. It give you back the power and control that has been missing in your life and puts you back in the driver's seat. The tools you need to make massive positive change along with the life enhancing skills, that are responsible for enlightenment and mental nourishment, are all provided inside. The 10-day challenge is designed to give you what you need to see... rapid growth day after day. 


Empowerment with rock solid knowledge is the 10-day Live Your True Life challenge. You are a powerful person and this book Unlocks the doors to your whole life success. 


TITLE: The 10-Day Challenge to Live Your True Life
Author: Ashley Berges

Pages: 177

ISBN: 978-0-615-3842-0

COVER: Paperback

GENRE: Self-Help

TOPIC: Toxic Relationships


Ashley has captured the essence of issues we face in today's culture; self-doubt, fear, lack of confidence, ramifications of poor choices and lack of boundaries, just to name a few. Each chapter lays out an issue, a path to deal with and overcome the issue and a place to reflect and write notes. Whether you are feeling good about your life and just need a little checkup or you are in the valley of despair and want to turn your life around, Ashley has articulated an easy to understand and use text for results.

~J.R. Atkins~


I've read The 10-Day Challenge twice. After I read it the first time, I realized I wanted to read it again and take my time. I've gone through many changes in my life. From moving to a different country and having to resort to seeing my family only on holiday every 5 years, I sometimes look for a support system. The 10-Day Challenge helped me examine my life truthfully and honestly. After reading for the first time, I began "cleaning house" when it came to the people I surround myself with on a daily basis. Realizing that I can pick my friends, opened my eyes, and this book gave me the tools to knowing how to choose positive and growing people. This book is a gem for anyone who's friends are their family.



This book has helped me in my daily living and how I look at the circumstances around me. I especially was given alot of food for thought in Day 1 about setting boundaries and only saying yes to things that I truly want to do. Too often I have over committed myself and was miserable so this book has shown me the importance of setting personal boundaries and enjoying all I do.

Day 7 revealed to me how much of my time is being spent in the thinking time and not in the present. I loved the example of placing too much emphasis on a vacation with preconceived ideas of how great it is going to be. You just set yourself up for disappointments and I have been guilty of that in the past. Now I will try to do better.

Day 9 Doing what is right for you within moderation hit a note with me too. Too often things control me rather than my controlling them. Examining myself like the book suggested has helped me discover the why the void is there and what I need to do to overcome and live above this void.

I think each chapter can be so helpful as your situations in life change and it will make a good reference book for years to come. All of us have different stages that we go through in life and this this book addresses them in a very positive way.



As a yoga instructor, I'm constantly reading self-help books and anything that brings a positive message. I came across The 10-Day Challenge, and immediately noticed the parallels to some yoga mantras--about staying present in the moment, releasing negative thoughts and people from your life, and how to utilize the subconscious mind for the better. I enjoyed Ashley's clear and straightforward approach to accomplish each part of the Challenge. She writes with such enthusiasm and expertise, pointing you in the right direction of mental and spiritual positive change. I bring this book to all my classes, in studios and gyms, and read passages from it. My students absolutely love it and leave empowered with great words of wisdom to take into their lives off the mat. The 10-Day Challenge is wonderfully truthful and a timeless read plus my students love it. I recommend this book to anyone who knows they don't know everything. Namaste!

~Ally C~


I have been married over a dozen years, have two kids, and a nice career, and didn't think I needed to learn anything new. I have a good life, and for the most part very happy. My wife gave me a copy of The 10-Day Challenge before our summer family trip this year. We went to the Western Caribbean, and I took three books - Bad Monkey by Carl Hiaasen, Inferno by Dan Brown, and The 10-Day Challenge to Live Your True Life by Ashley Berges. I ended up reading The 10-Day Challenge first, finished it on the beach, and it did give me a new perspective on life. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks they have it all figured out. It's relevant and has truly added to my life. My wife is now reading it.

~Rick Ekricson~


This is a truly remarkable book. There are a multitude of self-help and improvement guides on the market, all promising the same crock of happiness at the end of the rainbow. What sets Ashley's book apart and far ahead of the pack is her analysis of happiness itself and what we mistakenly predicate it upon. By removing the preconceptions and the the conditions that we place upon our personal joy, Ashley clears a path through daily discontent and pervasive unhappiness. During the ten day challenge the bindweed of self-sabotage is uprooted, allowing the true and best self to thrive. I would urge anyone to take this journey for there is genuine gold to be found at the end of this particular rainbow, that of true spiritual joy. Thank you, Ashley, for this wonderful treasure.

~Katherine H.~


"The 10 Day Challenge" arrived in my mailbox at just the right moment. Following a year filled with the proverbial bumps in the road, I was ready to make some changes and live my "true life."

Ashley brings things back to basics--focus on the positive and actively eliminate the negative. She reminds readers to be mindful of the choices they make every day and encourages them to take good care of their whole selves.

Throughout the chapters, the reader is gently guided on a ten-day journey toward empowerment. Ashely provides beneficial and practical suggestions to make small, daily changes that will enable the reader to experience small victories that will lead to overall success in life.

When you are ordering a copy of "The 10 Day Challenge," make sure to add two or three more to your cart to share with friends and family members.



Picked up this book from her website to try and make some sense of my life and I really liked the format of the book with each chapter being a day. It was easy to understand and I felt that following the instructions on the book such as keeping a journal really set in motion this journey of bettering myself. It made me realize some things from my past relationships that I didn't see before. Great read.

~Amazon Customer~


I was turned on to Perspectives with Ashley Berges by one of my best friends, was rapidly hooked, and now listen to the show practically every Sunday evening on KLIF. This led me to her website and her blogs. Inspired by those, I went ahead and ordered a copy of her 3rd book, The 10-Day Challenge to Live Your True Life. I'm very glad I did - because it reads just the way that she speaks with people on her show. It didn't feel like a textbook or a book of technical instructions. Instead, the truths found within were things I found to be useful, powerful, and readily applicable to issues within my life! It is definitely aptly named as a Challenge, but it one that I now feel that I can meet with the tools it provides.

~Johnathan Heep~


This book definitely teaches you to really get to know and value yourself. Steps to creating the life you want, the relationships that are healthy, and thriving by becoming the best version of yourself!



Highly recommended read. Never too old to learn and better yourself. I use it as a reference guide. Thank you Ashley!! 



Great principles to apply to your daily life.

~Pamela Robinson~


The author Ashley Berges is not only a brilliant author but has a new show on Amazon Prime called Celebrity Perspective. She is one to watch for sure and so many lessons in this book the 10 Day Challenge. Can you do anything for 10 days? We all make these resolutions and have great ideas to change but until we implement change we do not get very far. This is a simple step by step to make changes to live the life you want to live and always dreamed of!!!

~Wilene Dunn~


Berges' muses on the art of building a healthy relationship with ones self. I'm fascinate to discover this tome because it speaks to an essential cache of inner-strength values that a few decades ago were more commonly passed down from generation to generation in the form of "mentoring". In our current age of "instant gratification" and. "social media", this generational transition is often broken or non-existent. Berges not only tells you it's possible to KNOW ones self, but she also suggests a cohesive approach to building and sustaining that relationship. And she points out the potential long-term benefits that are possible through the journey.

I've had the privilege of meeting Berges before learning she had written this book. I immediately bonded with her due to the rhythm of her life perspectives. She and I hail from very different backgrounds and are separated by at least one generation. However, her perspective on living a "true" life is congruent with the lessons I learned from my great-grandmother. For these reasons I recommend this book to those who may not have benefited from the generational knowledge transfer experience.

~Reginald Harvey~

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