Happy Sunday  ☀
I just wanted to let you know that you make a difference. I am a high school counselor working on my LPC. I started to listen and follow you while traveling this summer. Your words of wisdom have made me a better person and I truly appreciate and respect you giving me a new perspective. Thank you so much and keep reaching for the stars❣️
Take care,

L.M, 11 AUG 2019

Hey Ashley
First, I'd like to thank you for your videos. They've been a great comfort for me lately, as I'm going through a hard break up. Music is my life and I can't be happier thinking that the last 8 years I'm making a living, traveling the world and meeting great people, by doing what I love. Lately , I'm having a lot of therapy sessions, and my therapist told me "I can't diagnose her from distance, but from what you're telling me your "ex" has probably BPD. I started reading and watching videos online. When I saw some of your videos I said "jesus, does Ashley has a camera in my apartment?" :) It's insane how many things you mention about BPD. I experienced and didn't know about back then. Keep up the good work. you're helping me (and I'm sure many other people) a lot 

best regards,

L.B, 09 AUG 2019

Hi Ashley,
Today I saw your video on the Silent Treatment and boy did it show specifically with what not to do and how to follow up. I didn't have these tools and so would question my decisions which would put me in this constant loop. I'm not one for questioning myself and felt since I made decisions I stick by them. Most of the time looking hack I made the right decisions with walking away. I guessing those were the overt narcs. I recently came across Covert Narcs and boy did I fall for it at first but found myself exhausted with constant vigilance that I just had to walk away! Ever so sneaky!!! I'm coming out of it all now. I'm emailing because my story took on not only similar situations as others that I found myself relating to but also the covert side that people might want to  look out for. Coming to the realization that not all people are wired the same is putting lightly!! 

Please let me know if I can help and share my story. My email is above or by my cell below.

Thank you so much for your videos..they really can save a life!

D.L.D, 09 MAY 2019

Hello Ashley,

I recently found you on YouTube and and I have found your content very helpful. At times I have felt you were speaking to me directly with your words resonating with me on a deep level. I have been married to my wife for 15 years and have been separated for the past 10 months. We were in therapy on three separate occasions in the marriage. Our last therapist saw the darkest moments of my relationship and revealed to me his concern with her being possibly a BPD individual. He said he did not feel comfortable with diagnosing her, but that he was concerned enough that a deeper examination from a specialized professional was warranted. Since the separation, she has received assistance from mental health professionals that have told her she was in a depressive state.She is thriving and doing well now.  She has lost weight, has made great social connections, and looks and seems better than when I first met her.  This feels quite hurtful to me as she is becoming the wonderful women I was hoping to see, but only after I left. It feels like an episode of the twilight zone, with what happened being brushed to the side as "the past". I had to leave because I felt like I was drowning... I had nothing to give to her and could only try to save myself at that point.


Trying to process this relationship as well as my life while trying to be somewhat normal has felt like I've been in the fight of my life. I'm doing better but help from someone who is as versed as you are with these themes would be really helpful. She has wanted to work on the marriage and keep us together, but the reasoning of what happened feels as though there is a lack of insight as how I have suffered. It feels like too much of a risk to do and this is heartbreaking for me because I still feel like I love her. We had a very good friendship which kept us together, but the risks feel like they out weight the benefits for my life. Additionally, there is just so much to heal from before I could attempt at the relationship again. The therapist I am seeing is only beginning to scratch the surface. Its been 10 months and she told me a few days ago that she cannot wait any longer and wants me to file for divorce. I will be doing that soon.


Thank you for taking the time to read my email.  

A.B, 18 JUN 2019

I have been listening to you for over a year now. I have read most of your information on BPD. It intrigued me.I have known my wife for almost 6 years now. Off and on and off and on. I don’t want to waste much of your time, so i will summarize the best I can and quickly as possible.  We were together for 2.5 years before we had our first child.  I’ve tried my best to get along and accommodate her and make her feel protected.  It got to the point where I would come home after work and she would already be drunk and it was almost every night i was avoiding a physical altercation. My emotions were in a blender. We were broken up for almost a year and it was absolutely the hardest thing. I ended up moving her back in this past December, married her, and now we have a 2 week old baby boy.  After the high of the new baby things are starting to get back to the way they were when I evicted her.

 When I listened to your radio shows I felt as if you were talking directly to me. I do not regret my two children with her, but I do regret the fact of being weak and loving someone that shows no affection and puts our family on a roller coaster.  I’m sure you get a ton of these emails. My fingers are crossed you will receive this to help me or just simply touch base.


Thank you very much.  You are an inspiration.

C.G, 23 AUG 2019

Hello Ashley,

I’ve listened to your podcast on borderliners a handful of times now, in complete shock that I was in a relationship with one for three years. Wow!! My first question is do they know they have this disorder? Would it do any good or make it worse to send them this info? I got out of the relationship and am seeking therapy but maybe in effort to save someone else of going through what I went thru. I tried to remain friends with him but sounds like that’s not possible after listening to this. Even so, I’d love to see him get help. 

Thank you so much for posting this podcast it’s changed my life (sigh of relief). 

C.B, 15 JUL 2019

I've been watching a lot of your videos and listening to your podcasts and found them very helpful. I have almost hit the four month mark since I broke up with my emotionally abusive borderline ex girlfriend after she cheated and lied to me for the last time. I forgave way too much. She has never directly contacted me, but has repeatedly done things to get my attention, try to rub the new guy in my face, first playing games on social media and tweeting things that are about me, hurtful to me and then recently putting out all sorts of things that are about missing me terribly. I then blocked her on all social media, and she added me on WhatsApp, an app only for text and call. She never reached out though. My question to you is do borderlines usually come back and contact their exes again? Is it normal for them to play these games? Why is she doing this? The more I have ignored her, the more she has ramped up her games to get my attention, and I wonder if it will eventually hit the point where she does contact me. I'm trying to anticipate if this is going to happen, and it is leaving me nervous and worried.

Thank you!

R, 10 JUL 2018

Good afternoon Ashley,

 I would love to have you as my coach to help me heal and get through some tough spots in my life. I enjoy your YouTube videos and feel your content as really helped me along the way. 

Thank you,

A.D, 27 SEP 2018

Hi Ashley, 

I just wanted to send you a note and let you know how eye opening your podcast has been for me. I just finished listening to "In A Relationship With A Borderline.". It's made me see I've been in a vicious cycle of dating people and getting close to people who have BPD, and given me some perspective on the fact that I as well might be suffering from aspects of this disorder. 

C.C, 21 SEP 2019

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